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    Krasnoyarsk city tour, 2 hrs

  • Praskovya Pyatnitskaya chapel
  • Cathedral of the Annunciation
  • The theatre square
  • Mira square
  • The monument to Andrew Dubenskoy
  • Karaulnaya hill
  • Heritage-listed buildings

Krasnoyarsk is one of the largest cities on Trans Siberian Railway, one of the oldest and interesting cities. This city has the unique location, which gives many opportunities for different activities.
Classic excursion with visiting the main history places of Krasnoyarsk city
Additional visits on choice: Bobrovy Log fun park, observation place Tsar Ryba

Krasnoyarsk city tour with visiting Bobrovy Log fun park, 4 hrs

Along with classic sights such as Karaulnaya hill and Praskovya Pyatnitskaya chapel you will visit Bobrovy Log fun park. This park opens all year round and is supposed to be one of the best sport ground in Russia. Going to the top of the hill by the ropeway you will enjoy theamazing views of whole city and Stolby National Park (Takmak district) there.

Krasnoyarsk city tour with visiting observation place Tsar Ryba, 4 hrs

Tzar Ryba is the observation point located on vertical cliffs with breathtaking the Yenisei river view. Tzar Ryba monument is dedicated to same-name poem, written by Victor Astafyev. This monument was established in 2004 dedicated to Astafyev’s anniversary. Since that time this monument became one of the Krasnoyarsk symbols.


Number people in a group 1 2 3-4
Krasnoyarsk city tour, 2 hrs 50€ 30€ 25€
City tour + visit Bobrovy Log, 4 hrs 115€ 65€ 55€
City tour + visit Tsar Ryba, 4 hrs 105€ 55€ 40€

Included: English-speaking guide services, transport services, and ropeway tickets (for option with Bobrovy log only) 
  • Downtown
  • All year round
  • 2-4 hours
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Low activity

The price is given per person depending on a group size. Any excursion we organize is private, you can choose any date and any time. The price for other number of participants is upon request.
The price is valid till 01.10.2020.


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