Travel tips

Before go to Siberia, we kindly ask to learn information below carefully


Please, make sure you have all necessary documents for the trip:

  • passport with Russian visa 
  • voucher
  • travel insurance 
  • international/domestic airline tickets, railway tickets if needed 
  • contract 
  • personal first aid-kit

What to take

Please, put the clothes for vacation. The clothes must be comfortable. 

The weather in Siberia is changeable. In summer period of the travelling we recommend take the following:

  • light clothes (some t-shirt, pants, shorts and ect.)
  • warm clothes for a case of a bad weather (raincoat, 2 pair of shoes, jackets, warm socks)
  • sunglasses, sunscreen, swimming suit
  • flip flops
  • hat or cap
  • running shoes, summer shoes

 For winter time:

  • winter coat (alpine for e.g.)
  • snow pants (alpine pants will be fine)
  • winter shoes (and the change shoes)
  • warm clothes (jacket, polo-neck, wool socks) 
  • thermal underwear
  • couple of t-shirts
  • hat, gloves
  • sunglasses, lipsalve

The list of necessary things can be different, depending on the tour type.

Transport services

Depending on a group size, you will be provided appropriate type of transport. The type of transport is always mentioned in the itinerary. Most program covers huge distance but you will make often stops, so the road will not seem hard for you.  Smoking in the transport, natural zones and public places is forbidden.

Guides services  

We have professional guides, working with us. Basically, all the programs are included professional guide services. You can save some money if you hire the beginner guide or just the assistant, please inform us upon request.  


Kind of accommodation depends on a tour type. Usually, we offer to stay in 2*, 3* hotels in remote regions in Siberia, touristic camps (including yurt camps). Some cases, the accommodation is supposed to be a tent camp for active trips. It means tourists with the help of guide install the tens by their own. Sleeping bags and tents are provided. Note, the camp is installed always on the bank of river or lake, the water is taken into steams.

Every tour has detailed information regarding accommodation. Tour operator has a right to change the accommodation for the equal one or higher quality.


Every tour has information about what daily meals are included in the tour price. Alcohol drinks are always paid additionally on spot. If you have special meals preferences, diet, vegetarian, we kindly ask to inform upon booking. If you don’t inform us about any special meals preferances, you will be provided local dishes. This case any meals changes are possible with extra charge only.


All the excursions are mentioned in the tour program, which you confirm. But tour operator has a right to makes the changes in the itinerary, saving the base of the original program.


Every transport has first-aid kit. Medical insurance is included in the tour price, tick-borne is not included (additionally paid in summer time).


Ticks are often seen in different parts of Siberia. Every tour program has a detailed description, what areas you can see it. The most dangerous season is May and June, but it can be even till September. Therefore, during for outdoor activity, we highly recommend being careful and making sure your body is not attacketed by ticks. Please, look at yourself and clothes during the excurion and after. For the peack tick season we will provide you with tick-borne insurance and special sparys. Upon your wish you can make a vaccination (usually it takes in Spring for some steps, for details, please ask the hospital in your city).

Extra services

All the program published on the website are the classic, you can make any changes if you need some. Please, contact us for clearing up these questions and we will update the travel program for you.

Recommendations and limitaions

When you book the tour, you declare you are in good health. We don’t recommend to take part in any tours for people needed instant medical supervision. Also, please estimate your health and fisical fit wise, esspeccially for active and trekking tours.

Please, learn basic information about the region you would like to visit, following this tab.

Kindly note you have to follow Russian laws, don’t break the common bahavior rules, otherwise Tour Operator has a right to cancel your trip with no refund.

Nature of Siberia is the main treasure. We kindly ask not to damage it and respect of local people traditions and customs.