Krasnoyarsk region (krai)


Krasnoyarsk region is located within the Eastern part of Siberia mostly, along the Yenisei river. This region is stretching for almost 3,000 km beginning with mountain district of South Siberia till the Arctic ocean in the north. The very heart of Russia, its geographical center is located in Krasnoyarsk region, nearby Vivi lake.

The city of Krasnoyarsk is the capital of Krasnoyarsk region (krai), the biggest cultural, economic, industrial and educational center of Central and Eastern Siberia. Krasnoyarsk is the most eastern Russian city with the population over 1 000 000 people.

But meanwhile the population of Krasnoyarsk region is more than 3 000 000 million people only.

Flora and fauna 

The forest zone takes about 69% of Krasnoyarsk region. The stock of industrial wood is about 18% of whole Russian wooden stock. Typical trees in Krasnoyarsk region are: a larch, a fir, Silver fir, Scotch pine, Siberian cedar. Fauna is very rich, there are 342 kinds of birds, 89 kinds of mammals, 30 species of commercial fish in Krasnoyarsk region.

There are 8 animals to be under UNESCO protection such as polar bear, Asiatic wild dog, snow leopard, Atlantic walrus, imperial eagle, white-tailed eagle, Asiatic white crane, hooded crane.

There are 7 state reserve areas in the Krasnoyarsk region areas.


The climate is strongly continental. Average temperatures from -36C in January in the north part will -18C in the south part; +10+20C in July accordingly. The annual precipitation is about 320 millimeters per year. In some parts of Eastern and Western Sayan Mountains snow can be whole year round.


Major part of population is Orthodox Christians. To a lesser extent there are Islam, Judaism, Lutheran, Buddhism and others.

Traditions and cuisine

Siberian menu typically looks like: fresh potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, berries in summer and water fowl dishes, meat dishes in winter. Traditionally there are blini (pancakes) for Maslenitsa, Easter cake for Easter. Pies with different filling, multi-fruit jam, herbal tea are very popular. The most popular Siberian appetizer: green salted fish, stockfish, salt cucumbers, salt melon, canned tomatoes (Minusinsk specially), mushrooms.

How to reach

By plane

There are a lot direct flights to Krasnoyarsk from many Russian cities (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Norilsk, Igarka. Irkutsk, Abakan, Khabarovsk and others).  

For detailed information follow the official Krasnoyarsk airport (Yemelyanovo) website -

By train

Krasnoyarsk is one of the main cities along Trans Siberian railway. There are a lot train trains option everyday.

For detailed information follow the official Russian railway website -

By auto

Due to the huge distance, it’s better to travel by train or by plane.

But also it’s possible to reach Krasnoyarsk by public bus from the nearby located cities such as Kemerovo, Tomsk, Abakan, Kyzyl and others.

By ship

Of course, you can’t reach Krasnoyarsk by ship. But magnificent Yenisei river gives the opportunity to continue the trip to the north part of Krasnoyarsk region by regular ship.  The navigation is from June till the beginning of October. There are 2 passenger ships, which goes from Krasnoyarsk to Dudinka and back this period. Please, ask us for schedule and price.   

Top 5 reasons to visit Krasnoyarsk region

Krasnoyarsk Stolby

Krasnoyarsk Stolby (79).jpg  

Krasnoyarsk Stolby is the heart of the city of Krasnoyarsk. This is not only unique piece of nature with its personal charm, this place keeps the traditions of rock climbing (stolbism) for many decades. Stolby is the reserve area, the only one reserve in Russia, which was founded by local population initiative. To visit Stolby means to visit home of all Krasnoyarsk people.

Yenisei river

Bor. Bakhta (40).jpg  

This powerful and longest river will amaze. Famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov, when he was in Krasnoyarsk, wrote in his travel remarks later: “… the origin, great and beautiful nature begin with Yenisei river. <..> This is powerful river, furious bogatyr doesn’t know what to do with his force and youth”.

Shushenskoye village

Shushenskoye guesthouse (27).jpg  

There are a lot of places in Russian presented traditional style of life but this one never let you be indifferent. This places still keeps the traditions of Siberian people living at the end of XIX century, you can overnight in traditional wooden house (specially built for tourists). Also there are a lot of unusual things to explore: party with Cossack, to suit traditional clothes, to taste traditional dishes, taking real Russian banya, try yourself to make red ware and other stuff to do.

Ergaki national park

Ergaki National Park (76).jpg  

The magnificent piece of West Sayan Mountains will always be in your heart. Breathtaking views of Ergaki peaks make you explore this place over and over again. Taiga silence, meeting upon bonfire, stars sky, fresh air and clean water, deep lakes and waterfalls, and endless peaks around. The best choice is for outdoor adventure lovers.

The Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region (APFest)

Krasnoyarsk city (71).jpg  

This is the largest festival in Krasnoyarsk. This international festival invites people, speaking the language of music from all the world. The festival takes places one time per 2 years. The website of the festival is