The Republic of Khakassia (Khakassia)


The Republic of Khakassia is located in the south-western part of Eastern Siberia. The Republic of Khakassia stretches for 460 kilometers from north to south and for 200 kilometers from east to west. It borders with Krasnoyarsk region (krai), the republic of Tuva, the republic of Altai, Kemerovskaya oblast.

The city of Abakan is the capital of Khakassia republic, its industrial, cultural and scientific center, the largest transport hub. Abakan is located in the very center of Minusinsk Hollow, in the confluence of Yenisei and Abakan rivers.

The population of Khakassia republic is more than 500 000 people, different nationality, indigenous population is the Khakas people.

Flora and fauna

There are more than 1,5 plant species, most of those are medical plants in the territory of republic. Mainly there is softwood forest (fir, cedar, Silver fir, pine), rarely there is deciduous trees such as aspen, larch, birch. There are 45 bird species and 76 kinds of mammals (some of them listed in Red Book – snow leopard, Asiatic wild dog, mouflon), 37 fish species.

There are 2 state reserve (Khakasskiy and Kazanovka) and 4 faunal area under republic control.


The climate is strongly continental. Average temperatures from -15°С till -21°С in January, +17+20°in July. The annual precipitation is about 300-600 millimeters per year. The number of sunny days are many more comparing with next regions.


Mostly there are Orthodox Christians, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism and others. Shamanism is old line religion of the Khakas people. Not so many people follow shamanism principles. Those people believe that the world is one, everything is connected and depended on everything.

Traditions and cuisine

Traditional dishes of the Khakas people: soups (urge) and broth (mun) with boiled meat. A blood sausage is always supposed to be a holiday dish. A lot of dishes made with milk. The most popular kind of cheese is khurut, which can being fresh for years. 

  • Clothes

There are 2 types of clothes: daily and holiday.  Holiday suit is quite bright, colorful and unique. This suit is basically made with silk, silver tissue, cotton velvet, expensive furs. An ornament, fashion and décor imparts for its unique.

  • Musical instruments

The Khaks national musical instruments amaze its methods of phonation and tone colour paraments. The most popular musical instruments are chatkhan, khomys, khobyrakh, syylas, yykh.

How to reach

By plane

There are direct flights to Abakan from Moscow, Tomsk, Norilsk, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk. Detailed flight schedule is published on Abakan airport official website -

By train

There is straight through way to reach Abakan from the following cities:

  • Moscow by train #67
  • Krasnoyarsk by train #124
  • Barnaul by train #675

For detailed information follow the official Russian railway website -

By auto

It’s possible to reach Abakan by public bus from the nearby located cities such as Kyzyl and Krasnoyarsk.

Top 5 reasons to visit Khakassia

Archeological finds of different epochs

Salbyk (13).jpg  

Khakassia is supposed to be archeological Mecca of Siberia. There are about 30 thousand history monuments, the most popular are the Great Salbyk burial Mound, Sunduki, Barsuchiy log, archeological finds in Kazanovka state reserve and others.

Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro Power Electricity Station

Sayano-Shushenskaya Station (19).jpg  

The largest plant in Russia, it takes 8 place in the world list of the most powerful plants in the world

Nature of Khakassia

100 Pass (8).jpg  

Khakassia nature amazing by its variety: tall mountains and endless steppes, mineral springs and bulk of lakes (more than 500 lakes in the territory of Khakassia, 100 of the them are salt lakes)

Ski-resort Gladenkaya

Nature of Khakassia (9).jpg  

Gladenkaya is the most popular ski-resort in Khakassia. This ski-resort has one of the best specification in Russia. Often Gladenkaya is the place of may ski competition of any kind of disciplines.

National holiday Tun pairam

Khakassian aal.jpg  

Tun pairam is the best way to feel the original khakas people traditions: national songs and dances, khakas handicraft, taste national cuisine and others. Usually this holiday take place in Sagaiskaya valley in July.

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