Even in 21st century Siberia is shrouding in mystery and there are many gossips about this place. The origin of word “Siberia” stirs up controversy and even the borders of the territory are not confirmed by the scientists. From our point of view it might be important but we do love Siberia for its beauty nature, endless sky, different landscapes, for its people, their mind and soul. Our aim is not reporting about this territory, we want sharing the passion about Siberia with you and telling about its present, what this place is about and why this is absolutely worth visiting.

Siberia is a rich territory with the complicated history. Siberia keeps more than 85% of natural resources of Russia. From the one hand, Siberia is a very remote region which sometimes enough hard to reach. But its unique geography location allows to save a virgin nature. There are still many places where any person has never stepped.
The territory of Siberia impresses by its diversity: plants, birds, fish and animals… In taiga or tundra it’s possible to see reindeer, polar fox, wolf, snow leopard, fox, bear and others. It keeps unique plants as Baikal anemone and others. Siberia is known as the destination for fishing.

 Lake by Susina.JPG

There are not so many big cities in Siberia (if taking into consideration its whole territory). Some of them are Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk, Abakan, Vladivostok and others.

Such cities have a role of administrative, cultural, industrial, economical and scientific centers. For e.g. Akademgorodok (we can translate is as a scientific town) in Novosibirsk is the only one in the world, where all the branches of science are presented. Krastsvetmet factory in Krasnoyarsk is one of the leading one in producing 8 metals of value. Annually different fairs, exhibitions, sport events (including international, e.g Universiade in Krasnoyarsk) take place in Siberia.

And meanwhile there are many small and cozy villages on the territory of Siberia, which attracts by its simple style of life and friendly people, beauty of nature, fresh air and silence. And believe some of such villages are located in the deep of Siberian taiga.

Siberia is known as the motherland of famous people such as painter V. Surikov and A. Pozdeev, writer V. Astafyev and P. Bazhov, singer D. Khvorostovsky, Alash band (tuvan throat-singers), archeologist L. Kyzlasov, scientists M. Reshetnev (one of the founder od soviet cosmonautics) and many others.
Local people of Siberia are very different also. They have an authentic culture. It takes a lot of time to get acquaintance with style of life of locals and quite possible that you won’t see everything anyway.
Because Siberia is for the strong soul.
To climb to the mountain peak, to learn what stolbism is, to dive into the bottom of the deepest lake in the world, to cross fast rivers, to swim in lakes, to walk through the desert, to feel the power of volcanos, to listen local songs and eat local dishes, to become a nomad, to gather plants and nuts, to fish, to find ancient treasures (or at least to look at what was found), to be impressed by taiga….

This is all about why it’s necessary to visit Siberia.

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