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This tour unites the highlights of Khakassia and Tuva

Route: Kyzyl-Samagaltai-Ergaki-Shushenskoye-Kazanovka-Abakan-Great Salbyk Mound-Abakan

The Republic of KhakassiaThe Republic of Tuva
9 days/8 nights
Second half of June– second half of August
Excursion, hiking, archaeological, bus tour
Private travelling
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This archaeological and excursion tour will allow to get acquaintance with secrets of thousand years

Route: Krasnoyarsk-Beloy-Sunduki-Kazanovka-Safronovo-Salbyk-Abakan 

Krasnoyarsk region, the Republic of Khakassia
8 days/7 nights
Second half of June – first half of August
Excursion, archeological tour
Private travelling
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The best choice to explore Khakassia if you have not so much time

Route: Abakan-Kazanovka (Chity-Khys, Khurtuiakh khol)-Oglakhty-Great Salbyk Mound-Abakan

The Republic of Khakassia
4 days/3 nights
Second half of May– second half of September
Archaeological, bus tour
Private travelling
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Khakassia is supposed to be archeological Mecca of Siberia. There are about 30 thousand history monuments, the most popular is the Great Salbyk burial Mound

Top tour types: archeological tours, meet locals, excursions, escorted tours, private tours, hiking, cultura & traditions

Must-see: Great Salbyk burial Mound, Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro Power Electricity Station, nature of Khakassia
The Republic of Khakassia is located in the south-western part of Eastern Siberia. The Republic of Khakassia stretches for 460 kilometers from north to south and for 200 kilometers from east to west. It borders with Krasnoyarsk region (krai), the republic of Tuva, the republic of Altai, Kemerovskaya oblast.
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